#TravelQueen strikes again: 3Day Solo Trip to the LA Area #CaliLife

First and foremost let me say that if you have never visited Los Angeles, GO!

Second, if you’re looking for all of the “touristy” things to do, you’re in the wrong place because this particular post is not about hitting the major tourist attractions it’s about hitting the local ones.

Ok, got it? Got it? Good and Let’s Goooooo!
My day started with a great flight with JetBlue. I landed at the Long Beach Airport and had my “free checked” bag within 10 minutes or less after deplaning. After getting my bag, I went to Enterprise to get my rental (deposit is only 20%) and I also had my rental within 20 minutes. Prior to coming to the LA area, I had researched, sought out and pre-planned a 3Day Mecation. (Remember, Mecations you are on a solo trip and you have the freedom to do what you and want and see who you want all in your timing)
First stop – Brunch
I decided to invite one of my girlfriends who lived in Cali, to have brunch with me in Long Beach prior to me checking into my hotel. She agreed and we decided to try out a place called Plunge, which is inside the 1900 building. So, if you did not know… parking is always crazy and limited in Long Beach. The building where Plunge is located in an upscale high-rise on Ocean Boulevard in Long Beach. After finding parking spaces and walking to the building we made it to this open and airy restaurant that is open not only to their residents but to the public as well.
The view alone puts you in a relaxed mindset and the food on top of that will make you want to come back. The restaurant faces the beach and it doesn’t matter where you sit, you have a good seat and good views.


Second Stop – Checking Into Hotel (Hilton Long Beach)
I normally would stay at one particular Hilton property but I wanted to try this one out. Like Plunge it’s also on Ocean Boulevard in Long Beach. This hotel, however, is smack dap next to the World Trade Center. This particular hotel is more of a business luxury hotel, with all of the bells and whistles of the modern age. After checking in and getting settled, I decided it was time to venture to the Venice Beach area.
Third Stop – Abbot Kinney Boulevard (TOMS Coffee)
One thing to know off the back about Venice is the artistry, hipster, bohemian-chic vibe. Abbot Kinney Boulevard also seems to always be extremely packed and parking is limited. But once, you are parked the street is your zoo to explore. From restaurants and coffee shops to clothing and makeup stores to green living and energy cleaner stores – this street has it all.
I wanted to get some local coffee and I heard TOMS actually has a coffee shop…Yes, you read correctly…TOMS as in shoes and sunglasses…well they have a coffee shop that sells shoes and sunglasses lol. The coffee is rich and the staff is great, definitely will go and spend more time in there and might even buy some shoes. While I at TOMS I noticed a store I was not expecting to see…Asa Kaftans!
Yes, the beautiful Shah’s of Sunset star Asa Sulton has her shop on Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Now, I fell in love with her collection of Kaftans when she started her clothing line on the Bravo hit show…so like any woman I had to go in an check it out…and it was LIFE. I was able to FINALLY able to buy a Kaftan for a reasonable price.

Fourth Stop – Santa Monica secluded beach – The People’s Peninsula Beach
I decided after having another cup of coffee to just drive and I ended up on the further end of the beach of Santa Monica. Just a nice walk, enjoying the sun.
Fifth Stop – Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Inglewood near Manchester and the 405
I met up with a couple of my friends who live there and I must say…the food is LIFE and everything you hear about it is true. I understand now why anyone I know who visit LA multiple times always has Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles on a MUST DO list.
After that, my guy friend spent the night with me – no need to go into details on that 🙂

Sunday – Date Myself and Detox
Sunday was ALL about me! I got up dressed to the nines, makeup slayed and beat to the GODS and I took myself to brunch in Beverly Hills; to The Blvd Restaurant inside the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. The hotel alone is lavish, immaculate and everything you can imagine. This is also the very same hotel Pretty Woman took place in and it faces Rodeo Drive. The restaurant was beautiful, lavish but in an old classic Beverly Hills way. The food and staff were awesome and everything was reasonably priced for it to be a restaurant in Beverly Hills.
After brunch, I decided to go ahead and go to Marina Del Rey to check out the community before my spa. I was an hour early when I arrived at the Ritz Carlton-Marina Del Rey but I was able to go ahead and check-in and let me just say the spa (Sisley Paris) was everything I could have pictured, wanted and so much more. The spa was recently bought by another company so I will not give prices because they are different now, but mark my words I will be back to the hotel no matter what. I ended up spending right at 5 hours at the spa because I bought a package.
Being that I didn’t plan on what I wanted for dinner I saw my guy friend again at his job before heading back to Long Beach. When I got to the hotel, I decided to eat in and I must say the food was awesome. I had some chicken nachos, a hard cider, molten cake and coffee and I was ready to pass out.

Monday – Last Day 

Monday, was leave day and I decided to eat at the Queen Mary’s Promenade Café….great food – buffet style – wish I had time to check out the ship but I did not.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will be doing another mecation to LA again to check out more hip-local places, lavish places and detox places.
-Calisolotrip from The Travel Queen


Going to Las Vegas soon? Stay at Lake Las Vegas

Have you ever wanted to go on a staycation within your own city and not stay at home?

Well, I have done it and tried a new place instead of staying on The Strip. I took a weekend and went to Lake Las Vegas. Where is that you may ask? Well, it’s a small Tuscan village on a man-made lake about a 30-45 minute drive from the Las Vegas Strip.

However, this is not like any of the iconic hotels on The Strip. This place will have you feeling like you’re in the different country let alone a different city and state…but… you’re not.



Let’s talk about hotels…well you only have two options – The Westin OR The Hilton Lake Las Vegas. Both are diamond resort hotels but I would prefer the Hilton (I’m a loyal member). This opulent resort has all that you need and more; including a lavish spa (Spa Ravella), outside pool, rooms over the lake, ballrooms, and a large cafe that serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Plus a Florentine garden that you can walk through, eat, sit and have special occasions in.



There is a nice selection of restaurants and a small market in the village as well as a slew of outdoor activities to choose from.

This particular place is simply how you make it.

I went as my Metime, Mecation. I took myself to lunch and spa, dressed up and took myself to dinner and the next morning, I took myself to breakfast and just rested.

But like I said, this place is how you make it…whether it’s for metime, a wedding or birthday party, bachelor/bachelorette party, bridal/baby shower, romantic getaway etc… You name it…I’m pretty sure Lake Las Vegas has seen it. Plus, it’s a small living community and even some celebrities who have taken residence in Las Vegas live out that way.

If you’re coming to Las Vegas and need something NEW and REFRESHING outside of The Strip…. well this place is for YOU!


-See you at Lake Las Vegas

The differences between: Metime, Mecation & Upkeep

Over the past, almost two years I have added to my “Upkeep” duties, manage to have more “Metime” and take more “Mecations”. But it has come across my radar that some men/women do not know the difference between the three.

Let me give you a short synopsis of what these three means to me and some women may agree.

Upkeep / Maintenance

Upkeep or Maintenance for me is physical duties that are done routinely to keep up appearances because of lifestyle, career or personality.

These duties are subject but not limited to:

  • Hair appointment
  • Nail / Toe appointment
  • Eyebrows appointment
  • Waxing of any kind


Metime is referred to certain things I or some women do that is not routinely. Almost like self-care or mental time, so you won’t go crazy lol.

Theses “Metimes” can be:

  • Detoxing and unplugging from the world of technology
  • Taking oneself on a date either for brunch, lunch, or dinner – BY YOURSELF
  • Taking oneself to the movies
  • Seeing a local therapist or spa
  • Nail/toe appointment if they are not done routinely
  • Unplugged, with windows open and reading a book, writing or listening to music with a cup of tea

<Some have other ‘metime’ methods’ but all in all the outcome is the same: To regroup and retain stable mental, physical and spiritual being>


Ahhhhhh Mecations are the BEST – and if you have not done one ladies – I WILL KICK YOU. A Mecation is an extended version of Metime except you are by yourself when you travel. It gives you the opportunity and freedom to see who you want to see, do what you want to do…all in your own timing.

Considered Mecations:

  • Three-Day getaway to a city either in driving distance or a short flight
  • 4 day or longer vacation
  • These Mecations include exploring the city and trying something new, taking yourself out, meeting with friends *if you want to*, a spa day and being with yourself.

Some women don’t know what Mecations are and neither do they know what Metime is. I must say… I didn’t know what they were until I moved to Las Vegas. In the south, when you are out it’s a social scene and you get in the mind frame of not wanting to be judged for going out by yourself. Take my advice, learn and take my instructions, ladies, if you need help on how to start “Metime” or have your first “Mecation” ask me.

I have truly grown in the process…it is a learning experience for you to learn more about you!


-The Woman I Am Today

I’m powered up and back running!

It’s official! I have a new laptop and loads to talk about!

It’s been what… two years since I’ve posted something?

Yeah, it’s time to write.

Sooooo here’s what’s new in a short form.

  1. My military guys is an EX now…I have thrown in the towel and said “Hello and Goodbye” — finally was able to exhale.
  2. Taking care of me more, which means, metime and detoxing  – More talks about this as well
  3. Yes, I am still in the desert (Las Vegas), however, I’m truly come to terms that it is time for me to get out of the career that I am in but stay in the field. – More talks separately on this.
  4. Travel, travel and more travel has been on my radar – Multiple talks about this
  5. Writing and releasing – so while I haven’t been blogging, I have been writing in my journals. A prayer journal and a personal, personal journal.
  6. Starting to set monthly goals as well as keep my yearly goal (Accomplished some already and it’s not even May yet)

Ahhh, it feels really good to get back to this.


“Baby I’m Back”

Getting out of a toxic business: New phase in career 

As life continues to go on, everyone has different phases in their life.

Let me go a little bit deeper than that. Everyone, has a different phase in EVERY area of their life and what I mean by that is whether it is relationship or relationships, health, career, attitude, family etc.. everyone goes through different phases of their life. The Good, The Bad, and most definitely The Ugly.

For me I’m in a phase where I am fully ready to take the next step in my life. Not only in my career but also wanting to settle down, get married, have a family and be with happy more of the simple meaningful things in life.

I realized that when I moved to Vegas it was a test. God sent me thousands of miles away from my family, friends, my support system; just to deal with me. And with God just dealing with me and no real physical distraction, I realized that my line of work or the business that I am in is no longer for me. I started to realize this when I was in Memphis and I was having issues but I thought…mmm maybe it’s just this particular job.

Note: As stated before, I will not state what business I am in…just know there are various job types in my career field.

Back to what I was saying…. I thought my job in Memphis was why I needed to escape but coming to Vegas I realized that in this particular business or profession having even a dream of wanting a family, and settling down is very hard to come by.

Just a couple of months ago one of my mentors who is still in the profession asked me how was I doing and I told her and she said well I hate to break it to you but it doesn’t matter what city or state you’re in, that place and type of people are going to be like this. <<< Yeah, I realize that and I’m like…ummm..nah I’m good!

People in my line of work are very harsh, cut throat, and a lot of them are old and bitter. And the longer I’ve been in this profession I have realized that  you become like that as well….and that is a problem.

A lot of the men and women that are in my line of work are either the following:

  1. Married and divorced

  2. Married, have kids but divorced 

  3. Single with kids

  4. Lastly – Single, never married, no kids

I’m sorry, I’m not about to be a single, bitter woman, who looks down in her twenties working and looks up and she’s in her forties and her life has passed her by. I’m also not about to be one of those people that realized that I wanted to get out and want a family, settle and be happy but can’t because it’s too late and then I’m stuck in the business. I’ve noticed that’s another issue in my line of work.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a 2 to 5% of people that are married, have kids and are quote unquote happy. But these people are older and the business that I am in has changed over the years… soooo they were able to actually do what they wanted and needed to do before it was too late. Not to mention most people that I know in my career field that are in their 20s, 30s and early 40s are getting out now.

Since I’ve been in Las Vegas at my particular job there have been at least 10 people to get out of the business altogether.

So with me saying all of this… I am actually planning on getting out of my business that I’ve been involved in since high school, college and after college and I’m getting out of it for good. I plan to go into the administrative side of my career. At this point in my life and with the career that I have I am 25 and I do not know what down time is. I don’t know what it is or feel like to have a normal 7 to 3, 8 to 4, or 9 to 5 job. I don’t know what it feels like to have federal government holidays off. At one point I didn’t know what it was like to have weekends off. This is what I have to deal with.

Now, with all that being said, those are valid reasons but they are still more reasons. One of my number one reasons is my health. People in my line of business can only get sick a lot,  people get addicted to many different things whether it’s drugs, alcohol or anything else because of the stress that everyone is under at in my particular business. 

This business can cause a lot of stress on the body. Prime example I want to be able to have children one day and I don’t want to be so stressed and so anxious and have different anxiety attacks that I can’t have children.

Let me tell you a short but real story k. It was a woman that I met at my station that was actually leaving; her and her husband had been trying to have a child for two years. Her doctor told her that if she wanted to have kids she needed to quit the business that she was in. Because of our business and the stress that comes with it she was not able to fully conceive a child. Low a behold not only did she quit but she also got pregnant 3 months later and now has a healthy baby.

Since being in Vegas and we’re on the subject of health I’ve had more breakdowns, anxiety attacks, and stress related issues than I can ever recall. I’m sorry, I love my life and I want to have a peaceful, loving meaningful life.

Yes, the business according to which state you may be in, may give you good money but is it really worth it?

I would prefer and know that God has something better for me, better for my life better for my health then what I am doing now. I know that he has something because I’ve heard his voice and I am excited as to what he has in store for me. 

Not to mention, I want to be closer to home.

I’m glad that I was able to get the experience that I needed but I also know that I am at the end of this phase and I am ready for the next one.

So now, I am officially looking for a job in the administrative side of my career back in the south. Like I said, Vegas has been good to me and I look forward to moving and being in a new city but also being closer to family and being at a job that I can truly enjoy and be happy at. I know that every job has its stresses but there are some jobs that are more toxic and more pressure field and stressful than others.


-Time to move on

Been a while…

It’s been a nice little while since I’ve spoken to my fellow writers. I took a break from writting to not only experience and get to know Vegas to get myself together. 

There has been a lot to happen since the last time I’ve written on here which was me being single from the military man.

Well I must say you will notice a lot of, sort of, diary type post that will be coming up in the next few days.

I will be giving updates on my new advanced healthy lifestyle, my health, job, me and the military man (which we are back together parentheses) and much much more.

Life in Vegas has been good but working in Vegas has been a challenge. I know now, that moving to Vegas was a test for me to see if I wanted to stay in this particular business in my career. Knowing that  I have never disclosed what business or career I am in, I will not say what it is, but just know that in my career there are many different fields of business you can go into.

I hope that these posts will relate to more writers.


-Took a vacation from writing but I’m back

Single – broke away from the boyfriend aka the military man


Since I haven’t been writing lately, I also  haven’t been able to give an update on my “love” life. Yeah it’s no more.  Since moving to LV, it started going well and then it started to just decline.

Now…I am all about communication and it got to the point where it seemed like he wasn’t even trying to have a relationship let alone communicate with me.

In the beginning, I had gotten to the point where I had even sent a letter praising him and letting him know that just because I am in Las Vegas does not mean I can’t move that I have no contracts keeping me in LV.  Did that help him open up more?  No…if anything it made him close up more than what he already was doing.

After putting a little pressure on him (which I should have not needed to do) he finally talked to me and told me his father was on his death bed and his job head him traveling more.  Side note – I knew his father was sick. He’s been sick for a while but I didn’t know the sickness had increased.

I had told him if he had talked to me like he should have and communicated with me there wouldn’t have been any pressure. I couldn’t even get a “hey how are you”, “hey I miss you”, or even just a “hey thinking about you”, or “how’s work”, “how’s your day been”. I understand that your father is sick but I’m here for you.

His communication got so bad it seemed like he had given up and was just waiting on me.

The bad part is he knew how I felt about him and wanted us to work out but I tried to everything I could and got tired. There’s nothing else I could have done and with that being said, I broke up with him and let it go.


It feels weird because I thought he was the one, but I feel like communication and his PTSD played a big factor in him not being able to let me in and open up.  I also feel like he put me in a category like his ex-wife. HELLO. … I AM NOT HER! SO DON’T TREAT ME LIKE HER. I also feel like his PTSD and lack of communication could have been a factor in the reason why he got divorced. He talked about everything that his ex-wife did wrong but didn’t really talk about what he did wrong and I think I’m starting to see what an issue or two may have been.

If we’re meant to be…then we’re meant to be but if not I’m still moving on. I have no time for someone to play with my emotions and deal with me when it’s convenient for them.

-Lesson Learned Pt. 2